Scientists Find Real-Life Münzing-Ballard Agent

Posted: July 26, 2014 in Medical alternatives, The writer's view
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In our (fictional?) story, Doctors Herrmann Münzing and James Ballard are two of the titular ‘Virus Doctors’. It is their experiments that isolate the hitherto theoretical virus around which the story revolves. They call it the ‘Münzing-Ballard Agent’ (MBA). What makes MBA so crucial is that it facilitates infection by other bacterial or viral agents. MBA inhabits everybody. It just sits there waiting for the circumstances to be right – and when they are, the MBA becomes active, weakening the immune system and disease ensues. On the other hand, if the MBA is not active, all is well.

The thing about MBA is that I made it up. I had an idea, checked its feasibility with a geneticist and a biologist, read around a bit and came up with this hypothetical entity. MBA is fiction. It doesn’t exist. Or at least when I wrote the book, that’s what I thought. And then, in July 2014, the BBC reports this –  and

MBA is fiction, but the CrAssphage is real – and just like MBA, it’s an endemic virus, living in the human body, and facilitating infection. Life imitating art.

In ‘The Virus Doctors’, the discovery of MBA is only the core of the science. What is important is what it comes to mean, and the huge impact it comes to have on the pharmaceutical industry, leading to murder and medical revolution.

OK, so MBA was a good guess. Something like my invented MBA has just been discovered, and I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. Part of ‘The Virus Doctors’ has come true in real life. But surely the rest of the novel couldn’t come true? Could it? Read ‘The Virus Doctors’ and see what you think.

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